VOS Linguistics

Trust Persons

The trust persons are designated points of contact for members who may struggle with an especially difficult experience, and who would like to talk to someone, learn about resources, and be supported as they process the situation. The trust person’s role is to offer a listening, non-judgemental ear, provide a comfortable space to help our members with any issues they have, and aid them in getting any support they may need. They will be well-versed in, and always refer members to, any resources available to help them. Any communication with a trust person is absolutely confidential and neither the content of the conversations nor the identity of the person approaching them will be revealed to anyone at any point in time, except in the case of the person having suicidal thoughts, in which case the trust person will put them in contact with a psychologist for their own well-being. You can read more about our trust persons in our policy plan.

For the 2022-2023 academic year the vos trust persons are as follows:

Zoe Jensen

Current chair of VOS

contact via email: zoejensen113@gmail.com

Gideon van Wijk

Current Public Affairs Officer

contact via email: GideonvanWijk@protonmail.ch

Lauren Flemming Board Photo

Lauren Flemming

Chair of VOS XXII

contact via email: lajflemming@gmail.com

*For those more comfortable communicating your concerns in Dutch, Lauren is fluent in Dutch.