Here are a few interesting links, that are related to or about sign language. The links are placed in the following categories:

  • Databases

  • News and information about the deaf community

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  • Tv-shows


These very useful to find data or specific examples of sign language.

Learn Dutch sign language

On the website lerengebaren.nlyou can easily look up a sign.

Corpus Nederlandse Gebarentaal

The Corpus Nederlandse Gebarentaal is a collection of video recordings of stories and conversations between Deaf people. It has been set up by the research group for sign languages at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, with the help of grants from the Dutch organisation for Academic Research (Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO)). The recordings in the corpus are made between 2006 and 2008. Both Deaf and hearing people have collaborated to create such a large corpus of high quality.

Het Nederlands Gebarencentrum

Het Nederlands Gebarencentrum in Bunnik creates dictionaries for sign languages (on DVD) and has an online sign language database.

News and information about the deaf community


Dovenschap is the most important interest group for Deaf people in the Netherlands. Dovenschap values the freedom of Deaf people and wants to make sure they can do anything they want. The organisations thinks Deaf people should be able to study, work and live in the Netherlands without any problems.

Woord & Gebaar

Woord & Gebaar is an independent magazine for Deaf people. It appears every month and contains new topics, news, interviews, pages for young people, advertisements, letters from subscribers and columns. exists since 1997 and is the most visited news site for Deaf people and Hearing impaired in the Benelux. Every day, they offer news and information about hearing loss and hearing problems.

Lectoraat Dovenstudies van de Hogeschool Utrecht

In September 2007, Het Lectoraat Dovenstudies van de Hogeschool Utrecht was set up primarily to generate and spread knowledge between the education in NGT at the Hogeschool Utrecht, the Deaf community and those who use NGT professionally.



Sencity organises an party that has more to offer than just music: all senses will be taken care of! The musical event will be transformed into a great experience with the help of expressive dancers, SenseFloor, taste explosions, video projections, sign language interpreters and ‘kinky kappers’ (hairdressers).


MuteSounds is an event for both deaf and hearing people. On the dancefloor you will feel the music vibrating, there will be theatre performances and interactive stands.


WereldDovenDag (International Day of the Deaf) is celebrated in the Netherlands and in Belgium on the fourth saturday of september. This day was first introduced in 1958 by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). WereldDovenDag has multiple purposes: to make deafness and sign languages more widely known, to defend the rights and interests of deaf people, to give deaf people information through presentations and information stands and to give people in the Deaf community the opportunity to get to know each other.


Morgen kan het donker zijn

Morgen kan het donker zijn (‘Tomorrow it might be dark’) is about the struggle of a young, deafblind woman. Franka is 28 and born deaf. During puberty, she is found to have Usher syndrome, which might make her blind as well. Her relatives advice her to think about what would happen if she would actually become blind. She refuses to think about this and wants to have a happy life, a job and friendships, just like everybody else. This documentary follows Franka in her search for happiness and identity.

Film over geschiedenis gebarentaal in dovenonderwijs

Teleac has made a video about the history of sign language in the Dutch sign language education. Marjoke Rietveld-van Wingerden and Corrie Tijsseling have worked on this video, as well as publishing a book about the history of sign language education called ‘ontplooiing door communicatie’.


This is a documentary by Ria Bremer and Doret van der Sloot. Ria Bremer followed Sam, a boy suffering from a muscle disorder causing him to be deaf and blind, for nineteen years. This is a movie about the struggle of his parents, the doctors’ dilemma and Sams will to live.

This video contains the interpretation of a sign language interpreter.

Anna’s Stille Strijd

This is a documentary about the thrilling history of deaf Jews during the Second World War. The story of Anna Vos-van Dam is told, who, helped by her cousin Jettie managed to survive Auschwitz. If the nazi’s would have known that she was deaf, and not only Jewish, chances are that she would have been killed immediately.

Willem Wever over gebarentaal

Anke has a question for Willem Wever: ‘is sign language a real language?’ To answer this question, Ewout takes her to sign language interpreter Arie Terpstra and to an elementary school for deaf and hearing-impaired children: the Kentalis Guyot in Haren (Groningen).

This video contains the interpretation of a sign language interpreter.

Je zal het maar hebben

This episode is about Michel, a boy that is suffering from Usher syndrome, a disease that can cause deafblindness. Michel found out about his chronic illness when he was eight years old. He has been deaf since birth and has gone to a school for deaf children. He is now working at a laundry shop in Raalte, where he has a social network, but his true passion is swimming. He trains many hours a week and competes in all big championships. He is planning to compete in the Olympic Games of 2012 in London.  Michel is afraid to lose more of his vision in the future, especially because this chance is very much existing. His favourite motto in life is therefore: ‘just do it now’. Valerio is talking to Michel with the help of a sign language interpreter.