Here you can find an overview of useful UvA websites.

Mijn UvA

You can find everything you need through The number of webpages might still be pretty confusing. We have listed the most important ones to help you find your way.


Your UvAnetId belongs to one email address Every email that is send to this address is stored at and this is where you can read them. You can also forward your emails to your private email (Settings). There is also the possibility to not set up a email-address at all. Recently, UvA transitioned from a Google Suite to a Microsoft 365 set-up, so for those of you used to Outlook, you’re in luck!


At you can find general announcements, news, house rules, addresses, contact details, and an A-Z for all your questions. The information page is in Dutch.


Op kun je het curriculum bekijken, per vak is o.a. aangegeven waar het over gaat, welke docent het geeft en welke boeken je hiervoor nodig hebt. Aan het begin van ieder semester sturen wij een mail uit om de boeken te bestellen.


You are required to register yourself for every course you take at (with your UvAnetId). As a bachelor student, the UvA will do the registering for you, but only in the first semester of the first year. Here you can also find a list of grades and the total amount of ECTS.


At the calender for your courses is available. It will tell you when and where the courses take place. You can log in with your UvAnetID, put your courses in the calender and import it to your personal calender.


Every course you’re enrolled in shows up on Canvas . Every course has its own Canvas page. Here you will find information about the course as well as a place to hand in your assignments, and your grades.

Linguist List

A list of information about language and language analysis. Linguist List is free and led by alumni and linguistic professors.