VOS Linguistics

Social Safety Resources

In the unfortunate instance that you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation during your studies here are some resources you might find useful. Please note that this list is non exhaustive and you are always welcome to consult a VOS trust person and our social safety policy in addition to these should you have questions, additional guidance, or simply someone to talk to.

Social Safety and Emergency Contacts

Mental Health

The GP associated with the UvA has some resources on mental health such as this site with student anecdotes and this one with physical and mental health tips. They also have a page dedicated to burnout. Here is a page with general information about health and well-being.

If you need someone to talk to, just to vent/get your mind off things/etc., there’s a student initiative at the UVA called All Ears that exists as a more casual talk space. It’s organized and run by UvA psychology students.

When it comes to therapy, you can contact your GP who can put you in contact with one. If you prefer, there are also a number of independent practices throughout Amsterdam, however, some of these don’t take all or any insurance. Many of these independent therapists may have a background more similar to yours (i.e. from your same home country, offers services in your native language) or specialize in immigrants/expats which some may find appealing. Have a look at your insurance policy to see what is or isn’t covered. If you have insurance such as AON where you pay initially and then are reimbursed by your insurance company, check with them to see if independent practices are included in this– it’s better to double-check than get stuck with an unexpected bill. Unfortunately, at times waiting lists can be a bit long. The university does also have student psychologists that offer a number of services and group sessions.

If you are having suicidal thoughts please get in touch with a therapist or psychologist immediately. You can also reach out to the suicide prevention website and hotline (113 or 0800-0113).

If mental health problems are affecting your studies, reach out to your tutor or study advisor. More information about study advisors can be found here