VOS Linguistics

What is VOS?

Founded December 2nd 1999, VOS is the study association for the bachelor and master programmes in Linguistics and Sign Language Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. Anyone who is studying or planning to study at UvA is welcome and we aim to provide social and academic enrichment for members during their studies. We’re a relatively small community, where everyone knows everyone!

Throughout the year we aim to host a number of diverse events to suit everyone’s interest– from academic events such as guest lectures and language cafés to more social events like bowling, game nights, and more! One of our staples is of course our fortnightly borrels where members can get together for a fun evening. We also have some larger events such as our first year introduction weekend, Tweekend, and our annual study trip where we travel to a new country!

The name “VOS” comes from the basic sentence structure Verb, Subject, Object. However, it is also the Dutch word for fox, hence why an orange fox is our beloved mascot.

Joining VOS is a great way to get to know your peers and get more involved with your studies! We have a number of committees you can join to not only make the most of your time as a member, but also where you can build skills and get creative. In addition to hosting a bunch of events, we also offer more practical services such as a discount on your textbooks!

Hope to see you soon as a vosje!

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